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17 August 2020

Many Thanks

After a year of unsuccessful attempts, we were advised by a friend to consult Dr. Pascal Mock in his capacity as a reproduction specialist and in view of the results obtained with regard to reproduction. He received us more than pleasantly with his great know-how and immense professionalism. With a great follow-up and excellent advice on my cycles and then an exploratory operation that detected a blocked tube and not an ovulation problem, in the 2nd cycle that followed, I became pregnant and our adorable, strong and big little cutie, of whom we are the very proud parents, pointed the tip of her chromosome to our great joy. So on September 20, 2019, Davi was born with 4,050 kg and 54 cm. Thank you, thank you and thank you again Dr. Mock and your assistants for your kindness, your listening and your availability.

Deborah et Lorenzo

27 February 2020


From the Latin motio = movement, e = which comes from, emotion is "a movement caused by an external excitement. » Certain interactions with you have generated positive, beneficial emotions in me, thanks to which I have been able to advance on the path to motherhood. Indeed, becoming parents, for us, will have required much more than two people who love each other. Without the accompaniment of particularly caring professionals, without the presence of a few close relatives, without your support, the prospect of success would not have been possible. It is a joy to think back to those around us. Sometimes a single gesture, a word, or even many meetings between us. To all of you, I express my deepest and most sincere gratitude for having crossed your path and received this from you. Dr. Mock, for having given rhythm to our approach, for the strategy adjusted to our case, for the shared optimism, for having explained to us why you believed in it. For the real holistic accompaniment taking into account, certainly medicine with its most recent progress, but also nutrition, ayurveda, general well-being. For having made me understand with haptonomy, the benefits of accepting that I let go of the mastery of the planning stages, because you were also in charge of it. For the day of the wind-transfer, where you spoke to us about welcoming this baby, where once again the haptonomy played a role in my relaxation, as well as for the message shared with the little embryo that had just been entrusted to me. Sundes, Déborah, Aurélie for always having taken the time to talk, to explain, to reassure. For having held my hand during this IAC where I really needed it. Julie for having, during our first meeting, the day before the win-win transfer, with hands that understand everything, created the best conditions for me to welcome this little one. Esther, for the powerful encouragement you gave me on the day of the wind-transfer, speaking of our "magnificent" embryo. Your professionalism and humanity touched me. Patricia, for our conversation at the beginning of September 2019, for the massage with essential oils, then for the remote reiki during the puncture and the wind-transfer. Lucille, for the salty pizza with tears at Luigia's. Being so well understood had done me so much good. Aline, for confessing to me that you didn't dare to bother me by asking me for news, but that you thought about us all the time. I knew that and that was what I needed. Yves, for those 500 km made during the day so that mom could be with me. Dad, Mom, for always being there for me, after just one phone call, 38 years after my birth. Brigitte, for having so kindly contacted me again after an informal conversation, for giving me the contact information of MPA specialists, including Dr. Mock, when you were under no obligation to do so. Aurore, for putting me on the path to fertility medicine at the right time. Thank you for that.

Charlotte | Bébé attendu pour août 2020.

9 September 2019


We would like to warmly thank Dr Pascal Mock and his assistant Sundes. We greatly appreciated the tranquility that reigns in their practice… an atmosphere quite different from conventional medicine and where respect for human nature remains a priority. Our journey to become parents was not a long calm river ... for nearly three years, during which we tried many medical techniques, the results were not as expected, and we began to lose hope. As discussions about adoption began to settle in our heads, a ray of hope appeared and that was when we turned to Dr. Mock. To our great satisfaction, his approach to and dealing with the difficulties of couples trying to become parents was a blessing to us. Quite quickly, his techniques proved effective and we have now been happily awaiting the birth of our child for almost 6 months. We cannot repeat it enough, the way in which Dr. Mock views our environment, our nature, the elements that surround us and the psychological aspect was, without a doubt, a major factor in our success.

Deborah et Lorenzo

14 March 2019


The desire to have a child, 6 months of tests and a few exams later, I find myself with a diagnosis of teratospermia. 3 unsuccessful inseminations later, we meet at Dr. Mock's house to try IVF. Dr. Mock took all the time he needed to explain what he was going to do, to listen to us, to reassure us. He was always available in case of emergency to receive us. After a second IVF, my wife was 6 months pregnant, I couldn't believe it! Thank you for everything.

30 December 2017


Our baby was born last November! We experience immense happiness and complete love for this little being, of unsuspected intensity. We are truly measuring the journey we have all been through. Along with these feelings comes tremendous gratitude to Dr. Pascal Mock and his wonderful team. From our first meeting, we knew that his approach was unique, comprehensive and human, often rare in a field where science, treatments, statistics take precedence over the person, the couple and the desired child. A trusting and warm relationship has been established with Dr. Mock. We approached each meeting calmly and, despite our disappointments, we remained optimistic. We have walked this path with Dr. Mock in pleasure and confidence thanks to his continued support, his personalized attention and his great experience and expertise. Dear Dr. Mock, we are eternally grateful to you for this immense happiness that you have enabled us to achieve. Grazie al Dottor Mock ed al suo team per averci accompanato in questa splendida avventura. La sua professionalità, esperienza ed il suo approccio umano e overall è stato determinante per realizzare il nostro sogno di avere un bambino.


15 December 2017


My husband and I spent 4 years doing IVF trials, all of which were unsuccessful. I was sure I had endometriosis, however the doctors who followed us then kept telling us that endometriosis - if there was - did not interfere with the IVF protocol. After 4 IVFs and more than 9 embryos transferred without success, we chose to go see yet another doctor and thus met Prof Mock in November 2016. In 6 months, Doctor Mock succeeded where all the others had failed. He listened to us, like no other doctor had done before, he showed a lot of humanity and empathy, he believed me when I spoke to him about endometriosis and has all of following proposed laparoscopy. 3 weeks later I was able to be operated and treated - the diagnosis of endometriosis was indeed confirmed. We did IVF with him 4 months later and it worked on the first try - today we are the proud parents of a baby girl who will be born in a month. Dr Mock, thanks to his kindness (and that of his wonderful team!) And to his professionalism, was able to reassure us, give us hope, and accompany us morally throughout this delicate process. I am convinced that his approach is the right one and can work real miracles!


22 September 2017


I warmly thank Dr Mock for his comprehensive care and analysis of my fertility at a young age. Thanks to him I was able to conceive my daughter naturally while being accompanied to calculate my cycles, and I can only recommend you all (and even more to women of less than 30 years) to make this assessment and this follow-up essential to your family future.


17 August 2017

Real Hope

Our son was born 1 year after our first meeting with Dr Mock. Before that, I had lost hope of having a child. The doctor who then followed me for more than 2 years had made me undergo a whole battery of examinations including the very tough "Fragile X" and had come to the conclusion that apart from a low ovarian reserve and a psychological blockage nothing was wrong and justified the absence of pregnancy. Yet I felt deep inside that there was a problem. During this first meeting in October 2016, Dr. Mock’s kind, reassuring and professional speech kept me moving forward. He quickly diagnosed what was not working with a simple blood test and laparoscopy. Much lighter and adapted treatment than I had so far and allowed me to get pregnant less than 4 months later. The pregnancy was not a long easy journey, but I was as happy as ever. Today my partner and I are happy parents and it is to Dr Mock and his team that we owe it.


10 January 2017


Finally parents in 2016 after a wait of over 14 years! Thanks to Dr. Mock, who before incurring the costs for IVF chose to go deep into the problem in order to resolve it and start a treatment on a healthy basis and as a result…a little girl as a gift in 2016! Another thousand thank you Dr Mock.

Sam et Hope

7 December 2016

Thousand thanks

With my partner we had wanted to have a child for several months but due to a uterine malformation I was unable to get pregnant. After consulting several doctors, we finally met Dr. Mock who immediately took us seriously. He listens to his patients, is very understanding, very available and takes the time to talk to us and explain each step to us. Following his recommendations, we performed a laparoscopy which went very well and we then proceeded to a first insemination. With great luck, this insemination was a success. The pregnancy test was positive. We didn't think it would work that fast. So we are the happiest future parents in the world and we are very grateful to Dr. Mock who did a great job. And besides the fact that he does a very good job, we have built a good bond of trust with him. We can't thank him enough for helping us have the best gift, our baby.


27 November 2016


We got to know Dr Mock through IVF and it was thanks to the optimism and enthusiasm of this doctor and his entire team that we felt confident and filled with contagious optimism that accompanied us throughout this delicate process. Their sensitivity, their listening skills and their professionalism have greatly contributed to this little miracle of life. We are infinitely grateful to them and hope to encounter them for a second child. Thank you for everything and see you soon!

4 September 2016


If you are looking for a doctor for whom you and your spouse have more than two lab results combined, you have just found it! Dr Mock takes into account the whole person, preserves the love of the couple and also leaves room for the miracle of life to be accomplished! Our family is very happy and grateful to this doctor who surrounds us with all his kindness and empathy in the most beautiful moments as in the most difficult moments. Live life! And thank you !!


31 May 2016


The day we met Doctor Pascal Mock we couldn’t imagine signing his guestbook so quickly! And yet our dream was waiting to become a reality! His warm welcome and his pleasant and competent team immediately put us at ease. We arrived with multiple conception difficulties and a sense of loss, Dr Mock led the way. After four months and only one IVF, the miracle was there ... Looking back, we realize that this is no accident: it is a skill! Dr. Mock's approach combines science and psychology, a technical and scientific mastery that no longer needs to be proven, his listening and his exceptional availability. At almost four months pregnant, we are expecting our baby boy with joy and confidence and we cannot thank Dr. Mock and his team enough for the priceless gift they have given us!

 Plamen Ivanoff et Tsvetana Yakimova

13 April 2016


After 4 miscarriages… We were losing ground !!! Suffering from a uterine malformation all made us understand that having a child was in the realm of the impossible. We saw Dr. Mock then pregnant for the 5th time. From the 1st meeting we felt the difference and the fact that he was not focused on my malformation, he presented us above all with the positive, 5 times pregnant naturally! Dr. Mock took the time to listen to ask questions to understand our journey. Very quickly examinations revealed a major problem with my thyroid and poor coagulation ; treatment followed. It was a difficult pregnancy but very well attended by Dr. Mock and his team, a big thank you to him for his professionalism, his listening and his availability. Today we are the happy parents of a little girl who makes us happy.


27 February 2016


Birth of our 1st daughter after assisted in vivo fertilization and transfer of zygotes without recourse to in vitro culture. After Louise Brown in 1978 (1st in the world) and Amandine in 1982 (France), the first babies born from in vitro fertilization… Here is: Five years old Yasmine born on January 30, 2010 1:29 pm at the Grangettes clinic in Geneva. Her weight 2810 g and 47 cm. Dr med.Pascal MOCK scientific father of the 1st baby born after fertilization in VIVO Video (TV/News 19:30 RTS of 3.2.2010).

Vincent Duvanel

22 September 2015


A great doctor surrounded by a friendly and attentive team. Everyone shares our hopes, disappointments and joys! We made several attempts and were rewarded with the birth of our twins Kevin and Jennifer in 2009. Thank you for your participation in this wonderful gift of life! I wish the best of success to those who are or will be making this journey.


21 April 2015


Magnificent treatment by Doctor Mock! Not only human, but also warm, sensitive, listening and sharing, it's all about sharing, trust between patient and doctor sets in and work can begin. We first had IVF (I had miscarried at 5 weeks pregnant two years ago and since nothing - I was 38). We had indeed decided to go for it and not to wait for nature to finally decide, we had to provoke it, titillate it, wake it up. IVF was unsuccessful. In order not to waste time, we did a laparoscopy 3 weeks later which revealed that I had stage 1 endometriosis. This is nothing to worry about but still a probable reason for an unsuccessful pregnancy. The Christmas holidays followed & I wished to live in peace, to find my man, to take time for us and with this calm regained, we learned a month later that I was pregnant and that naturally. Needless to say, we were not only surprised but also happy, especially after what we had been through. Dr Mock, who was even happier for us, was by my side until my 4th month of pregnancy because I wanted to share this intimacy as long as possible with this man of extreme depth. Our love is now 7 months old, he is a little dude who is a real charm. I turned 40 this summer and it goes without saying that we are going to try it all for a round 2. However, if it did not come naturally, without hesitation I would turn to Doctor Mock again, because the more important in all of this and to tell yourself that you should not "take your time and let nature do it". It’s a beautiful philosophy of life, of course, but when the biological clock tells you that the countdown has started, you have to go and there no one more experienced than Dr. Mock to accompany you! To all those who are losing hope, hold on tight, fight ladies because you are no longer alone! Dr Mock is here! Good luck to all!


11 August 2014


I haven't had a chance to thank Doctor Mock yet, because time flies when you have a newborn at home. When my problem was detected, I was already taken care of by the doctor. I immediately trusted him. Between the start of "treatments", an ovarian drilling and my delivery, it took a short year and a half. I will not hesitate for a second to return to see Doctor Mock for my second child. My husband and I are so happy, we say a big thank you!

Laurence A

14 March 2014


For the other doctors at 42 it was a bit late to have the first child ... thanks to Dr. Mock, who suspected the presence of endometriosis, I had my baby naturally following a laparoscopic operation (one day hospitalization). Now our little man is three years old, and we are all doing very well. A big thank you with all my heart.

Licia T

5 March 2014


We are very happy to have had the operation in July and today I am 4 months pregnant, it's great because after so much doubt now all this is behind me. In one word thank you doctor and you who had not yet consulted this gentleman, do it quickly, I don't regret anything today, thank you and see you soon, I hope.


5 January 2014


I remember the first day we met Dr Mock. He said to me: Don't worry, one day you will hold your baby in your arms !!! And today, we have indeed been fortunate enough to have been holding our little boy for almost 4 months. We are really very grateful to Dr Mock, because this little angel we have is thanks to HIM and his professionalism !!! He gave us hope and luck was on our side, since after the first IVF, I found out that I was pregnant at Christmas 2012, and this for the first time. It was our greatest gift !!! We thank him again with all our heart for all he has done for us, as well as his kind helpers who always greeted us with a big smile. For all the people who still hesitate to make an appointment, I can only encourage you. They are truly exceptional people who will listen to you. Above all, you should never lose hope !!! Thank you again to you, dear Dr Mock, and good luck to all who are going through this difficult ordeal. We will not hesitate to return home if our second baby is late ...

A fulfilled family

12 December 2013


The best gift for my 40th birthday! Thanks to Dr Mock for always believing in it and finding the words to encourage me. I found the strength to face this journey thanks to him. I met him following a friend’s advice and 6 months after our first appointment, the good news arrived. You are pregnant !! After IVF and 2 inseminations. Since then I have learned never to give up, I was a pessimist by nature. I am the mother of a wonderful 13 month old baby boy who fills me with great joy. A big thank you also to his assistants who have always been adorable!


25 November 2013


"But you are young, you have time". "Listen, stop stressing and it will be fine." "I think you should see a shrink." "Maybe you should eat a little more of this, and a little less of that." "Well, we wait two to three months and we see how it evolves". "So, next appointment in four weeks ...". This is the medicine, traditional or alternative, that I was faced with. Basically, "You just don't have to stress and you'll be fine. You are responsible for what happens to you. And in addition you have time so stop fussing with us. Come back in a few years when you are forty… ”. I was very desperate when I went to see Doctor Mock. He gave me the treatment that I had been asking for for a year and a half and was being refused. It worked the first time. THANK YOU, Doctor Mock.

A grateful patient

10 March 2013


We had been trying to have a child for 6 years without success. After several advices, we came across Dr. Mock on the internet. After a first appointment where Dr. gave full of hope and well after many exams, a small operation and well we had the long awaited news. MADAME YOU ARE PREGNANT. And after months of anguish, we have had a beautiful baby girl since April. We would like to thank Dr. Mock and his entire team for everything. THANKS AGAIN FROM THE BOTTOM OF HEART

Sandra Duarte

7 March 2013


After two unexplained miscarriages and nearing 40s, we were almost desperate and needed someone to give us hope that we could finally have a family. One day we stumbled across Dr. Mock on the internet and felt hopeful and reassured from the first appointment. His extremely positive and reassuring approach, his experience of the subject, as well as that of his nice team, and their availability, gave us on the first try the baby we had dreamed of so much! We are sure that our luck certainly has a name, Dr. Mock, and for this we will always be immensely grateful to him! A BIG THANKS, Dr. Mock, from our little family for changing our lives !!!!

A very grateful little family

10 August 2012


Hello, My husband and I would like to thank you for allowing us to welcome our little Laura, she is in great shape. When we came to see you in August 2010, we were as you may remember, desperate after so much time and attempts at IVF with various doctors and above all we were downcast and wanted to try the adventure one last time but this time here with you, according to the advice of various couples who have succeeded in having a child thanks to your care. You and your team have been able to listen and be present at every moment of anxiety, even as the pregnancy approaches. Certainly we were a little scared during the pregnancy but in the end it was worth it. Our daughter is our greatest gift and for that we wanted to tell you that in our opinion and (we hear more and more about you in Geneva) you are the best in the field. Anyway, to everyone reading this message, I want to tell you that if you haven't made an appointment yet, what are you waiting for? Dr. Mock, God has blessed you and made you this life-making physician that you are. THANKS THANKS THANKS


9 March 2012


It's been 4 years now that I am the happiest mother. Dr Mock was my last hope, when I arrived at his clinic I was in despair, I already had a long list of treatments behind me. He gave me back confidence, he was always available to listen to me, a man of great humility…. And a few months later at 43 I gave birth to my daughter. I am a happy mom. THANK YOU DOCTOR A THOUSAND THANKS


3 March 2012


After many treatments and the health problems caused by them, I saw Dr. Mock following a friend’s advice. Thanks to him, we regained our confidence and tried the adventure again. And what was our surprise and joy to learn that I was pregnant after the second IVF. Our daughter is now 3 years old and our ray of sunshine. We are very, very grateful to Dr. Mock for following us through good and bad times. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. All we need now is baby n ° 2 to be completely satisfied!


28 February 2012


After a miscarriage at age 40 (first pregnancy), my gynecologist advised me to see Dr. Mock saying he had "a green thumb". I made an appointment and was happy to learn that I was pregnant a few days before the appointment took place. Dr. Mock supported me in my fear of having another miscarriage and prescribed some medications / supplements to help the process. My son was born in early 2011 when I was 41 and we are both in great shape! On the strength of this good experience, I returned to see Dr. Mock again at the beginning of 2012 because I am pregnant again, the baby's arrival being expected at the end of Summer 2012. Dr. Mock is with me during the first months of this pregnancy and I am infinitely grateful to him. THANK YOU !!!

VH – 1969

23 February 2012


I am very happy to have known Dr Mock, he is a great gynecologist who is always available to listen to his patients, but really I am very comfortable I regained my self-confidence and no longer afraid of losing my baby ; on the contrary I am very fulfilled and all thanks to him. I am very grateful


14 February 2012


In front of you I feel that everything is possible… the proof is that for two years I have had an adorable little boy at home… Now I would very much like to give him a little brother or a little sister, so I continue to you trust while remaining in hope ...

The lady from the North

7 February 2012


An attentive person who has allowed us to have a complete family, a boy then a girl, thank you! no hesitation to have to make contact