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Humane care - Patients' opinions

17 August 2020

Many Thanks

After a year of unsuccessful attempts, we were advised by a friend to consult Dr. Pascal Mock in his capacity as a reproduction specialist and in view of the results obtained with regard to reproduction. He received us more than pleasantly with his great know-how and immense professionalism. With a great follow-up and excellent advice on my cycles and then an exploratory operation that detected a blocked tube and not an ovulation problem, in the 2nd cycle that followed, I became pregnant and our adorable, strong and big little cutie, of whom we are the very proud parents, pointed the tip of her chromosome to our great joy. So on September 20, 2019, Davi was born with 4,050 kg and 54 cm. Thank you, thank you and thank you again Dr. Mock and your assistants for your kindness, your listening and your availability.

Deborah et Lorenzo

27 February 2020


From the Latin motio = movement, e = which comes from, emotion is "a movement caused by an external excitement. » Certain interactions with you have generated positive, beneficial emotions in me, thanks to which I have been able to advance on the path to motherhood. Indeed, becoming parents, for us, will have required much more than two people who love each other. Without the accompaniment of particularly caring professionals, without the presence of a few close relatives, without your support, the prospect of success would not have been possible. It is a joy to think back to those around us. Sometimes a single gesture, a word, or even many meetings between us. To all of you, I express my deepest and most sincere gratitude for having crossed your path and received this from you. Dr. Mock, for having given rhythm to our approach, for the strategy adjusted to our case, for the shared optimism, for having explained to us why you believed in it. For the real holistic accompaniment taking into account, certainly medicine with its most recent progress, but also nutrition, ayurveda, general well-being. For having made me understand with haptonomy, the benefits of accepting that I let go of the mastery of the planning stages, because you were also in charge of it. For the day of the wind-transfer, where you spoke to us about welcoming this baby, where once again the haptonomy played a role in my relaxation, as well as for the message shared with the little embryo that had just been entrusted to me. Sundes, Déborah, Aurélie for always having taken the time to talk, to explain, to reassure. For having held my hand during this IAC where I really needed it. Julie for having, during our first meeting, the day before the win-win transfer, with hands that understand everything, created the best conditions for me to welcome this little one. Esther, for the powerful encouragement you gave me on the day of the wind-transfer, speaking of our "magnificent" embryo. Your professionalism and humanity touched me. Patricia, for our conversation at the beginning of September 2019, for the massage with essential oils, then for the remote reiki during the puncture and the wind-transfer. Lucille, for the salty pizza with tears at Luigia's. Being so well understood had done me so much good. Aline, for confessing to me that you didn't dare to bother me by asking me for news, but that you thought about us all the time. I knew that and that was what I needed. Yves, for those 500 km made during the day so that mom could be with me. Dad, Mom, for always being there for me, after just one phone call, 38 years after my birth. Brigitte, for having so kindly contacted me again after an informal conversation, for giving me the contact information of MPA specialists, including Dr. Mock, when you were under no obligation to do so. Aurore, for putting me on the path to fertility medicine at the right time. Thank you for that.

Charlotte | Bébé attendu pour août 2020.

9 September 2019


We would like to warmly thank Dr Pascal Mock and his assistant Sundes. We greatly appreciated the tranquility that reigns in their practice… an atmosphere quite different from conventional medicine and where respect for human nature remains a priority. Our journey to become parents was not a long calm river ... for nearly three years, during which we tried many medical techniques, the results were not as expected, and we began to lose hope. As discussions about adoption began to settle in our heads, a ray of hope appeared and that was when we turned to Dr. Mock. To our great satisfaction, his approach to and dealing with the difficulties of couples trying to become parents was a blessing to us. Quite quickly, his techniques proved effective and we have now been happily awaiting the birth of our child for almost 6 months. We cannot repeat it enough, the way in which Dr. Mock views our environment, our nature, the elements that surround us and the psychological aspect was, without a doubt, a major factor in our success.

Deborah et Lorenzo